For a PDF version of our Code of Conduct, click here: HRFC A-Side Code of Conduct

The Harvard Rugby Football Club has a storied tradition of achieving high levels of success and commanding respect both on and off the pitch. As a member of the HRFC, you will be held to a higher standard of conduct than your peers at the University.

RESPECT: Members of the HRFC are expected to treat coaches, teammates, equipment, officials, opponents, and others community members with the utmost respect at all times. Fields, facilities, buses, as well as hotel and meeting rooms will always be respected and cared for.

LEADERSHIP: As members of the HRFC and Harvard community in general, players are expected to show exceptional leadership on and off the pitch in order to encourage positive habits and behaviors from those around them.

DECISION MAKING: Members of the HRFC are expected to display proper decision making skills at all times. They will not jeopardize the team’s history and reputation with compromising decisions on or off the field (including on social media).

PUNCTUALITY: Members of the HRFC are expected to arrive to all meetings, trainings, and buses prepared and on time. Training sessions begin at their designated times, so being on time may mean arriving early. If a player has a conflict that prevents them from meeting this expectation, he is expected to contact his coaches and captains as soon as possible to discuss the conflict.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Members of the HRFC are held accountable for all of their actions by their coaches, teammates, and peers. As such, players will embrace both the spirit and letter of the program’s expectation, and consider the program’s best interest at all times.

All members of the HRFC must comply with the following Code of Conduct.


As a member of the Harvard Rugby Football Club, I promise that I will:

1. Display good character, leadership, and sportsmanship at all times.

2. Respect coaches, officials, teammates, the game, and myself at all times.

3. Follow team rules and protocol at all times, especially regarding attendance and punctuality at training sessions and meetings. This includes times when an injury prevents full participation.

4. Establish and maintain a high level of fitness and game readiness.

5. Work toward team and individual goals, and help teammates to achieve their own.

6. Maintain a high level of academic performance consistent with my position as a leader in my community.

7. Respect the team’s alcohol and drug policy during season as established by the leadership.

8. Not engage in criminal activity, including – but not limited to – laws governing the possession, provision, and use of drugs and alcohol.

9. Respect my program, coaches, and teammates by considering the expectations of the HRFC above those of other organizations I may be part of, especially organizations that are social in nature.

10. Hold my teammates and myself accountable for our actions, and accept whatever consequences are presented as a result of these actions.


Violations of the code can result in one or more of the following:

a) Permanent dismissal from the team.

b) Suspension from the team or University (if laws are broken). Suspensions may be indefinite or specific depending on the violation. In some cases, the player may be expected to continue to train but not participate in games for a period of time.

c) Community Service. The player will complete a determined number of hours in a community service project issued by the coaches and captains.


By signing below, I pledge to uphold the spirit of this Code, which offers a general guide to my behavior and conduct. I acknowledge that I have a right to a hearing if my opportunity to compete is denied for any reason or if I am charged with any violation of the Code. The hearing committee will include the A-side Coach, assistant Coach, Captain, Vice Captain, and for off the field issues, the President. The decision made by this committee will be final.