For a PDF version of our team charter, click here: HRFC Charter


Above all things Rugby is based on the principles of Trust, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship. The Harvard Rugby Club allows for the continued development of personal, physical and intellectual skills through training, competition, meaningful experience, and purposeful ethical behavior on and off the field. Whilst echoing the Harvard Athletics Mission Statement we strive to build leadership, strength of character, civility, humility and integrity. Harvard Rugby will instill habits and behaviors that lead to a physical, mental and emotionally healthy life – “mens sano in corpore sane.”

Harvard Rugby is a special community engaging students, alumni, administration, and coaching staff. Our coaches are professional educators and our athletes represent the student body. We will welcome all members who are willing to accept and embrace our team charter and represent the club and the school to the highest levels of personal performance and safety in order to enhance the student-athlete experience. VERITAS.


• To play winning rugby
• To train and perform with efficacy and safety
• To enable students to lead & develop character
• To build depth and recruit like minded team members
• To help develop capital and resources comparable to our peer institutions that
enhance the schools portfolio
• To build a community and network of players and alumni that share the same
value system and beliefs
• To hold each other accountable in a fair, honest and disciplined manner


Our Club has a storied and hallowed tradition of success on and off the field. We are aware that we hold a special and unique position within the Harvard DoA and will continue to work alongside our brother and sister teams – The Harvard Varsity Women’s Rugby Team and The Harvard Business School Rugby Team. We will endeavor to foster our ancient brands development within the world of Rugby and we will do that by upholding a player and coach contract and covenant for the 2015-16 season. This will be achieved by aligning our goals and values to an implementable strategy of accountability. We are also aware that we cater to a diverse and broad range of student-athlete, ranging from potentially elite performance to novice and recreational. Operating under the mission of the Harvard Dept. of Athletics, USA and World Rugby, The Ivy League Rugby and New England Rugby Union bodies. We accept the challenges, resources and responsibilities with an ever-watchful eye toward enhancing the members of the programs experience and lifestyle.

Our guiding principles will serve as beacons for all, whilst providing room for the differing striations of teams (1st, 2nd or 3rd) within the squad.


• I will follow and adhere to the Dept. of Athletics and Rugby mission, goals and strategy. I am subject to penalties for non-compliance as listed in the club manual. I will follow directives from the Clubs Officers, Coaches and Staff.
• I understand the importance of team practice and accountability. I will endeavor to attend agreed upon team practiced scheduling and will inform the appropriate designee when I am unable to do so.
• I am part of a team and accept that it needs me to be successful. As such I will check my emails, texts and phone calls and respond in a timely and appropriate manner when requested to do so.
• I understand that it is responsibility to undertake pre and post match preparation. Especially 24 hours before games and in conjunction with team guidelines.
• I will report to team meetings, lifts, curfews and meet times whilst obeying appropriate dress and behavior codes. This may include purchasing additional attire.
• I understand that in a competitive team environment that the selection committee may not give all players equal playing time. Playing time and decision may be at the sole discretion of the coaches.
• I understand that it is my responsibility to abide by the laws of rugby, its governing bodies and the Harvard Rugby Team. I am to learn and be aware of those rules and accept feedback and clarification where necessary.
• I have read, understood and accepted the Hazing policy and agree to abide by its code of conduct.
• I will not abuse or denigrate members or fans of opposing teams, referees, officials, administrators or teammates.
• I will represent the school and the team in a favorable manner at all times. When wearing and team or school designated logo I will ensure by behavior is beyond reproach. That includes a zero alcohol or recreational drugs policy. I will not disturb members of the community.
• As such I understand and accept the need for accountability and disciplinary action where appropriate and accept the authority of HRFC appointed officers and coaching staff.


• Appoint Disciplinary Committee – (Suggested members) Head Coach, Team Coach, Vice President, Team General Secretary.
• Create appropriate accountability and penal system for non-compliance. (E.g. Individual meeting, verbal warning, written warning, suspension from practice, suspension from competition, suspension from team, permanent suspension, report to school or legal authorities)
• Each team Coach will designate its own contract or covenant based upon this charter. Work with coaches to ensure appropriate leveling. The Head Coach will oversee all teams and squad.
• Ensure appropriate channels of contact and chain of command protocol is followed with interested and overseeing bodies.
• Appoint 1st, 2nd and 3rd Team Coaches.
• Prepare for increased budget and numbers requirements.
• Safety is a priority – ensure adequate number and level of coaches for team’s
• Create Depth Chart
• Ensure each team has appropriate selection committee
• Communicate
• Fitness bench mark standards should be set, tested and monitored
• Work with the appointed student leaders and individual teams to ensure
appropriate goals are set, being followed, achieved and reviewed.
• Provide positive constructive and appropriate feedback and recognition where
• Ensure we manage and look after our equipment and supplies.
• Liaise with S&C to ensure 1st team and designated players are attending lifts as
the teams have specified and mandated (this ensures safety for the player and athlete as they move through a cohort and protocol of fitness training) E.g. I would see to set the bar at 70% attendance for the selected top 30 players.
• Weekly check-ins with team coaches, captains and leaders.
• Recognition that as of this time we are a club. Students have academic work-
load’s, personal responsibilities and coaches have full time employment and family duties to uphold. There will be scheduling conflicts based upon weather, field space availability and personal commitments. Flexibility, Emotional Intelligence and communication are valuable life skills and are highly valued.
• We understand that people come from different cultures and walks of life. We will respect each other’s ideas and opinions in a healthy manner.
• We will seek to have fun, enjoy each other, our program and game.